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Furthermore, it seems rather like a promotional app from Sony than an app with real added value for the user. The "Lifelog" app lets you look back on your life by recording locations, messages, appointments, etc. The "What's new" app displays new contents videos or music available in the shop. Overall, the software package from Sony is not as exclusive as Sony says in its marketing. The latest firmware even allows installing apps on SD card.

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The Xperia Z3 does not change this. Bluetooth 4. The Xperia Z2 supported the same number of bands and it is sufficient to connect to the telephone network in most countries. We usually had a good signal in the average German E-Plus network in urban areas, telephone calls were not interrupted during our test, and we did not face problems when switching between UMTS and GSM network. We determined the accuracy of the GPS signal with a bicycle ride, which we recorded with Runtastic, and we also took the professional navigation device Garmin Edge for a comparison. The track is also shifted in the forest.

The Garmin Edge also is not absolutely accurate, but it performs significantly better than the Sony. The fourth generation of the Sony also uses an approved telephone app: The handling is intuitive and simple and the functionality is adequate with favorite contacts, groups and call lists. The answering machine is still available. In some tests people even thought their conversation partner was in a recording studio. Background noise is well filtered and the maximum volume is still very high. The voice of the conversation partner can be changed with the equalizer in three levels, although the effects were still very small.

The differences with the predecessor are not big, but audible at this sound quality level. The sensor has a diameter of approximately 7. The Xperia Z3 uses exactly the same camera as its two predecessors. Maybe the competition has caught up in the meanwhile. Ultimately, it is the image quality and not the megapixels that is the deciding factor. The fourth generation of Sony's top smartphone is again absolutely convincing in the latter. All devices in our comparison group shoot photos with very high image quality. The winner in our photo comparison depends on the scene.

But, the Xperia Z3 always performs well. We especially liked the very high detail level and the accurate colors in the photo of the bouquet. The photo of the arranged scene looks good overall, but the details are slightly blurry and colors are not absolutely accurate. Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window.

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The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. In addition, the edges are frayed. The automatic mode, which recognizes picture content and movements selects the optimum shooting mode, is great. In manual mode, you can adjust many settings including white balance and ISO value.

However, it is not possible to select ISO manually, which Sony advertises on their website. The maximum is Higher ISO values are only selected by the automatic system in low-light conditions because of high noise. The maximum resolution can only be activated in manual mode. In automatic mode, the camera only takes pictures with a resolution of 8 megapixels. The Xperia Z2 had a heat problem, which appears to be resolved now; it got very hot after three minutes when you record in 4K and the device even shut down after five minutes.

The Xperia Z3 can record videos for a significantly longer time. The case did not even feel warm after six minutes. Slow-motion videos are recorded with frames per second. The smartphone saves the original as well as the slow motion version. Many other apps for the camera are preinstalled , including blur effect for the background, augmented reality gimmicks, or an app for live transmission to YouTube.

Sony promises that they will continue adding new apps. This way, the camera can be enhanced more and more. In low-light conditions, Nokia's smartphones perform better, but the quality of the Xperia Z3 is still sufficient. The camera app offers many features and they are continuously enhanced. The latter generates a sound wave opposite to the ambient noise and should isolate the user better from the environment.

As soon as the smartphone recognizes the cover, it displays all important information in window size. The price has not been fixed yet. The "Game Control Mount" is not priced yet either. The data connection is via Bluetooth. The mount is only used to hold the smartphone up. The price is also not known yet. In case of a repair, you should contact either the dealer or Sony. The Xperia Z3's input devices are identical to its predecessor's: There are only virtual touch buttons on the display and they slightly reduce the available screen size. The physical keys are located on the right side of the case.

You can find Sony's round power button, the volume rocker and a physical camera button with two pressure points for focus and shutter release. All buttons can be easily recognized by touch and have a clear pressure point.

You can change the look, insert and remove special keys and activate input by swiping over the keyboard. In "one hand" mode, the keyboard is pushed together on the right side. In portrait mode, the keys can be enlarged by combining more letters on a single key. Thanks to the big display, you can also write well in portrait mode.


The keys are even bigger in landscape mode, but the keyboard also takes up a lot of space on the display here. We found the display to be good in the predecessor, but blue tint and a quite a high black value were disturbing. In one aspect the display got significantly better: Apart from a few Blackberrys, we had not reviewed any smartphone with such a high brightness so far. Other top smartphones perform better in this aspect. Colors appear strong and bright. The image can even be too bright with maximum brightness, and large white areas can glare. Sony offers an app with which the white balance of a picture can be optimized.

In our precise color test with a colorimeter and the software CalMAN, we use the standard white balance and two different settings, which you can see in the image gallery. Thus, colors look a bit cooler than in nature. The settings selected by us also improved color accuracy. However, it does not get perfect. Green, yellow and red are too strong, while other colors including white are too bluish. It is difficult to read from the screen in direct sunlight.

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However, continued use of the smartphone in very bright environments is hard on the eyes because of the glossy display. While the predecessor suffered from a gray film in acute angles, it is minimal in the Xperia Z3, if present at all. The image remains easily recognizable from all sides, even from very acute angles. The features are the same. Nevertheless, the Z3 performs notably better in the processor and system benchmarks than its predecessor. The Xperia delivers even more performance. But, hardly anybody will notice this in practice. We ran the GFX Bench battery life test, which consecutively executes the T-Rex test thirty times and records the performance, in order to exclude throttling of processor or graphics solution caused by overheating.

Nevertheless, the performance is different, which is partly due to other processors and partly due to other software:. It does not pay off to upgrade from the predecessor to the Xperia Z3 because of graphics performance, since the difference is small. However, the Xperia Z3 processes graphics so fast that it currently does not have problems with any reviewed game from the Google Play Store. In the majority of the benchmarks, the differences are noticeable. This means that access to files and apps as well as copying data is very fast.

Finally, we tested several of the currently most demanding games in the Google Play Store in order to check whether they really run on the Xperia Z3 without stuttering. Our test games are "Gangstar: Vegas" , "Asphalt 8" and "Riptide GP2". Star Wars 2" and similar games run without stuttering, too. According to Sony it is only available for Xperia devices. This is similar to the functionality of Nintendo's Wii U, where you can continue playing after you turned the TV off. A mount for the controller is available too.

It is briefly described in the "accessories" section of this article. For example, the maximum temperature is So, it is not surprising, that the average temperature under load is significantly higher. The temperatures also increased, but to a lesser extent than under load. The Xperia Z3 is always comfortable to hold in the hand. In addition, the power adapter does not get too hot during charging. Sony has fixed the mentioned problem of the predecessor that the camera is deactivated due to safety reasons, because it is too hot. Sony has slightly improved the sound, which was quite modest in the predecessor.

To come straight to the point: The bass is too weak, but medium and high tones are well balanced. However, it does not always sound like "High-Definition", i. The sound system is certainly sufficient for those occasionally watching YouTube videos and playing game sound. The Xperia Z3 is slightly more frugal than its predecessor. Sony actually managed to decrease the power consumption in the Xperia Z3: The idle power consumption is 0.

As the values are relatively low anyway, this is actually significant. However, the power consumption during load is significantly higher because of the powerful SoC and the very bright display. The average consumption under load increased by 1.

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But, the battery is empty in only 2: It is also not a problem to watch videos during a long train ride: The first only deactivates background services and data connections in standby. The latter starts a separate menu, limits app support and is overall more restrictive than the energy-saving mode, but it also saves significantly more energy. Especially on the move when the battery is low, it is useful to activate energy-saving mode and remain reachable. In addition, the battery life of the Xperia Z3 had already impressed us with its endurance in everyday use without energy saving mode.

It can definitely last a workday and even a bit longer with mixed use. Existing customers might take offense that Sony rapidly updates their products: The elegant, yet slippery and fingerprint prone back side is still a double-edged sword. Camera and software are still great. You can really enjoy phoning thanks to the excellent voice quality. In addition, the case is slim, light and now even better protected against water and dust. All things considered, the Xperia Z3 takes another step towards the perfect smartphone that we wished for in May.

However, it is not absolutely perfect yet. It still lacks better speakers, a more stable case, a better GPS module and probably also a replaceable battery. In addition, many available accessories offered, and the possibility to stream games from the PS4 to the smartphone convinced us and had an influence here. Sony significantly improved details.

But, we want to see a real innovation next time, Sony. Will you also satisfy this wish? Sony improved many details from rounded edges to longer battery life. As soon as I open apk it keeps saying loading! Tried lucky patchler too doesnt helps! Maybe sum other apk works.

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