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Site notes Windows Phone Area is an online provider of news, reviews and articles about smartphones, phone manufacturers, apps, developers and everything else about Windows Phone and Microsoft. While this app is no slouch in enabling good quality photos and providing control over settings in its own way, Nokia Camera improves on this considerably.

Nokia Camera brings new, simple gestures and easy to control settings overlayed onto the viewfinder. For instance, rather than pinching to zoom, you can use a single finger to slide up and down or left and right to alter the magnification of the framed shot.

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Snaps can be reframed with a useful rotate tool, while the app also includes a timer and features an exposure bracketing tool for creating the perfect shot. Finally, exposure, ISO white balance and focus can be adjusted either individually via the menu at the top of the view, or by opening Pro mode, achieved by dragging the camera button to the left to display all four options. Each can be adjusted while the shot is framed in the background, enabling you to make the changes as you preview.

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Perhaps the most effective of the new features is the Action Shot. These all do exactly what you might expect. Several images are snapped in quick succession, with the results then manipulated by the app. The results with Action Shot can be seen above. Another considerable enhancement over the stock camera app is the new ability to photograph subjects that are situated close by using a much-improved zoom function. The accompanying zooms would not have been possible using the previous camera app, which would have resulted in some horrendously out-of-focus images.

You can take similar snaps with the Nokia Camera simply by using the finger slide zoom gesture and positioning your Windows Phone in a steady grip.

Lumia Camera

The results are extremely pleasing! Nokia Camera includes a timer delay of 2, 5, or 10 seconds.

What Nokia Camera Brings To Smartphone Photography

While the first two might not give you time to move from behind the camera, they should enable you to prepare your smile for a selfie. To use the timer, open the ellipses menu on the right, select timer and adjust the Delay. Tap ok to continue, and use the camera button as normal to take your photo.

The timer will prompt a progress bar in the middle of the screen to appear, with the photo snapped when this completes its rotation. Complementing this is Read More or set as a quick launch camera by pinning it to your Start screen. With a complete set of controls and access to EXIF data within the app, this is the most fully featured camera app for Windows Phone.

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