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My iPad Air's 2 years old. Been notified abt Rather stay on I can confirm it looks like the problem is solved in iOS Good to know, this is the first time I had to roll back to a previous version of iOS. Plus I need the Welsh flag emoji! Just found out my WTTT times are all gone! All downloaded assets where removed during the upgrade to the beta version and most likely all the WTTT times as well. Make sure you do a cloud backup before the upgrade and restore after. All progress and cars seems to have stayed. Glad this problem isn't affecting Android.

What a PITA. I'm still seeing reports of problems with release It looks like a patch focused on the iPhone X. That may be why there are pushing the gyroscope fix into I recently purchased a flying game so I will test that on the iPad Air-2 and see if it is similarly affected. As I wrote last week and before that I've been experiencing gyro issues occasionally pulling to the left which gets progressively worse then snaps back to centred, and repeat every couple laps with my iPad Air-2 since before iOS but it has got much worse and consistently so since I applied the latest iOS update last week, now it starts to get worse from the start of the race and just stays bad from then on, so much so that I have now stopped playing RR3 on my iPad Air-2 and resorted to using the trusty old iPad-3!

I did test F1 and that worked fine. It was pointed out that different games use different methods and accuracies and that might be why RR3 is suffering whilst other games do not. I also recall that the issues seemed to coincide with my changing the sensitivity from 3 where it had been for at least a year to 5.

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I am still really surprised that Apple ,a company which 10 ish years ago was floundering and is now one of the biggest companies in the world, mostly because of iPhones and iPads, has allowed this issue to continue for this long. It could be that your device was experiencing issues. Accelerometers can go bad overtime, as with any other component.

Earlier updates of iOS showed no problems. The likely reason that it has been pushed down the ladder to I purchased the iPad Air-2 through John Lewis and took 3-years accidental damage cover with it, there's still a year's cover left. I contacted them a couple weeks ago to check and I'm definitely covered for any problems, accidental or otherwise.

I will wait for the anticipated update and test it. Hi QuickNick, I remember a situation on one of my Android tablets where infrequently the gyro stopped working. Mostly I noticed it during a race because my ride just went up a wall as I could no longer controll it. Till I got it replaced it was a Nexus 9 I had to reboot it and check if the gyro came back to life by using a little funny gyro test program called "Tilt lander". I don't know if a similar app is avail on the AppStore.

In most cases the tilt lander got it back to work and I could restart my race. Rebooted flat and recalibrated. Problem still exists, however may be I'm just getting used to it , gyro seems to self correct at times during the race so it seems more unpredictable to me.

Real Racing AirPlay very laggy

Bottom Line, iOS Finally looking good! I understand your concern of calibration issue and would like to inform you that team is aware of the issue that affects players in handling cars who plays with gyroscopic tilt controls on iOS device running OS Additionally, Apple is also updated on this concern and they are working on their For now, I would suggest you to use other control options provided in game and wait till new update of OS is released.

I understand how frustrating this must be but we hope to have this issue sorted as soon as possible. Appreciate your understanding and patience towards us. Please get back to us if there is anything else we can help you with. Best Regards,. Same issue with rr3 and ios With rr3 everything goes back ok just at the and of a race I play mostly online races.

But when you start a new one, again due issue. In any case I also think is an IOS Well, I spoke too soon.

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  • It's clear in this thread that this is not fixed until Previously, in a TT event, it would start ok and then progressively pull more to the left necessitating rotating the iPad progressively more to the right I have yet to do a multi-lap race to see if the pre-iOS 11 intermittent gyro issues return Thanks for the update QN; am updating as we speak. WTTT was soso; Multi laps where a nightmare, especially after a pause. What is interesting is that Apple makes no mention that they fixed this bug in the update notes, unless they are bundling it in to the "Improves video camera stabilization" fix.

    This update also includes bug fixes and improvements. For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website: I find it odd that I was experiencing these issues on my iPad Air 2 intermittently for a couple months before iOS, they became consistent after installing iOS, but now they all seem fixed I still think it was an FM issue exacerbated by changes in iOS Thanks to Amrosa and all contributors to this thread for the early warning.

    I've managed to avoid the gyro bug by staying on No gyro issues. All's fine with iPhone X but it worked OK under Did a 4 lapper with the F40; paused several times in mid-race and juggled the device in the air. Restart was crisp and without problems like before. No build-up of steering to the left as with Also WTTT felt cleaner. I know what you are talking about. It is the camera view in chase mode that is the issue, but right before the start it usually levels out if you hold it straight.

    If you try to chase the camera view and level to that, that is when you veer off. Similar thing happens in Cockpit View for the first race of a Drag Race.

    Apple Footer

    The wheel and driver's hands are pointing to o'clock. Subsequent heats the wheel is zeroed. Upgraded to iOS No, doesn't sound like the same thing. I play in bonnet view, that's not to say I play whilst wearing a bonnet! Right at the start, as I cross the start line, the car will veer sharply left or right off the track and into any welcoming wall and FAIL. No steering inputs from me, iPad held completely level. It does it every so often, sometimes every other attempt, other times once in attempts, I'm just glad that the cars I use for TTs are fully upgraded or I'd be rather p'ed off at losing all those tokens!

    I'm guessing it's some kind of gyro-initialisation issue within the game. If you have older products and avoided the X updates, it may be a good precaution to wait for further reports. If you have older products e.

    Upgraded to iOS Problem solved for me, no issues at all. Most of the stutters are gone. I think newer iPads will run this game like butter. One of my team members has had this problem, Last I heard, it was still an issue, i'll see if he's upgraded to QuickNick, Wrong. I have iPad Mini 2 retina and had iOS Had the gyroscope problem. The software update is compatible with most iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models capable of running iOS 9, with exceptions including the iPhone 4s, iPad 2 and 3, original iPad mini, and fifth-generation iPod touch.

    Anyone would like to help me to fix my issue? I have ip6 and updated to the latest ios. The game keeps me logging out at least thrice per week. Im tired of downloading the asets all over again. I went for an iPad Pro Nice screen. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor.

    Follow 2 Kudos. Don't update to iOS A number of us have upgraded to iOS Loading editor. Edited by Amrosa Quote More History. Save changes Preview Cancel. Thanks for the heads-up. Does it help to recalibrate the gyro? I have an iPad Mini 4 and have had the same issue. Unfortunately i have already upgraded. Thx for the hint. Will wait with upgrading mine. Ditto for me us using iPad Mini 4. Hope it gets fixed soon. Still sitting on 10 due to the other issues reported. Thanks for the heads up. Tommy wrote: PDQCarrera wrote: Real Racing 3 Speed Junkie. Edited by Real Racing 3 Speed Junkie Same problem here.

    Searching the web I found that it also happens on Asphalt. Here is my guess though. The gyroscopes have to be sending coordinate data to the app. Screw up gyro on my ipad Mini 4, but seems to work ok with iphone plus I tend to agree more with Amrosa's explanation Never mind that last remark. You can plot moves, activate abilities and direct units all with the touch of…well, your touch. Read More admirably. Well worth some playtime on the current generation of flagships. Also available on Steam for desktop gaming, complete with Steam trading cards.

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    I need something to push my performance in This is a great list. I personally am a big fan of WOT. I would add one more game as well - Need for Speed No Limits. Insane review!!! Gavin you damn know what you are talking about! I salute you. You see , my phone is now actually a gaming console lol. Btw to use ps3 or ps4 controller your phone must be rooted and the app you need is called Sixaxis Controller and it costs few dollars. Now you told me about Modern Combat 5: As of right now, I bought the game and it is installing now, giggidy! Thanks for telling me about it. Navigate to the Application Manager on your device and ensure that all of your apps are showing in the filter settings.

    Go to the Play Store app and clear the cache then try downloading the update again using a stable WiFi connection. You may need to clear data from your Downloads Manager as well, depending on which model device you're using. August Look below and follow everything step by step should this issue prevail or show up again. See if you can copy the game to an sd card always cause if your phone starts running below 4gb of storage the app might just a guess start crashing.

    Below is actually the only way to resolve his concern. This I have a resolution for and majorly affects people who've generally logged in with their facebook accounts. Want to know if It's E. A's fault: Maybe but then again clearing some files resolved the concern so may not be. Anyway here's what you need to do and trust me you won't get banned i've actually sent this to the Firemonkeys and given the same resolution to over people and it's resolved their concern.

    If your on android try clearing your phone's cache,Moving some apps to memory card. RR3 in particular is a total of 2. On android go to settings -applications rr3- clear cache, force stop and open the game you'll now get it if not Go to the internal memory folder with an app android - data - com. Once you do this, now the next set of steps are really important cause they teach you how to force mount a new cloud save. Go to the main screen service a car, paint it, write I'm a monkey whatever, go back this time via settings - save and if your game says anything apart from a few moments ago.

    Wait till you see just now, go back to the main screen, come back to settings and save again. Keep doing this a few time's and you'll automatically see the screen where the save a few moment's ago continously shows up Last step alternate is you can close the game down but don't clear cache only force stop it. From now on ensure when you close the app go clear the cache and force close the app right after you finish. September October I dealing with the same issue, it's a real pain in the a.

    I don't know if it's because of the game or because of iOS 11's new saving storage system, but lately, I had to re-install all the "assets" over and over again. What's going on? It's a lot worse for me. It didn't work, but for some reason it went faster after I disconnected. It wasn't like this when I reset the Wifi and app like everyone else did. December Hi Bulljay.

    Did you ever get an answer to your issue?