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However we recognize that not everyone is going to be doing ASP. NET development. In this case I have published the ASP.

Windows Phone 8.1 Internet Explorer

Before I jump to any conclusions, there are two important things to note about evaluating performance. I can now see the following performance tools available to me for Internet Explorer on the phone:. I now see the CPU utilization graph updating live, and a message telling me that data is being collected. Since all of the available tools are well covered in the dedicated blog posts linked above I will not spend time digging into the reports here. However, after looking at the report above I see that every style update in script code causes a Paint and a Layout.

After a bit of research I tweak the animation to use a CSS transform in conjunction with a CSS transition to animate the message box, which will do the calculations directly on the GPU. To validate this behaves as I expect it to, I run the profiling tools again, and can see that there are significantly fewer events occurring between starting the animation and it ending.

Also due to this, the physical device will likely perform better than the emulator in this case. In this post we quickly walked through how to debug and profile web applications running in Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8.

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While we looked at simple examples, I hope that you can see how to apply these new capabilities to your web applications. If you have any questions or comments please let us know by either commenting below or posting in our MSDN forum. Follow Andrew. In particular, the SVG icons of SmashingMagazine in the top-right do not work in the emulator, but display as intended on the actual device. The emulator has some system limitations. For instance, the Windows Phone 8 emulator only runs on Windows 8 and higher. Using a web-based solution is usually the best option.

Some hardware issues remain that cannot be compensated for by an emulator. Still, the Windows emulator is probably the best emulator that you can find should you want to use a software emulator.

Testing For And With Windows Phone

The best method of testing for Windows Phone is undoubtedly testing with a real device. For instance, the user experience might be altered by the way that the user needs to manipulate their touchscreen.

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When using a real device, most developers will focus on Windows Phone 8 as Windows Phone 7 is already in decline. The browser rendering may also vary depending on device, as the device resolution will differ from mobile device to mobile device. If you want to purchase a testing device you can go with the high-end solution and purchase the most powerful Lumia ; choose something in the middle like the Lumia ; or stick to the low end with a Lumia , the cheapest Windows Phone. Now that you can find all the design bugs, how can you fix them?

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I find nothing more frustrating than relying on random guesswork to fix a bug. Weinre is an open source remote debugging tool for debugging websites on a Windows Phone and any other mobile device, of course. As an open source tool, it is entirely free and more advanced developers can even modify its code. Microsoft even advises developers to use weinre to debug on Windows Phone.

With weinre you are able to inspect the DOM and change it on the fly, allowing for real-time changes. Using weinre is really easy. Internet Explorer 10 Detailed". Windows Phone Central. Archived from the original on February 24, Retrieved April 1, Retrieved August 25, Web browsers. Bookmarks Extensions Privacy mode Sync.

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