Android html5 audio not working

All works great on desktop browsers but when I try to play on mobile, I not get results. In that code you see above, I add one hack where I on android platform generate hidden video and trying to autoplay but not have success. Is there a way to emulate some click event on body to automaticaly play sound on click event or some other solution? If the new API for playing sound is available, I just execute that on the audio tag, else I use the object tag to play sound.

Autoplay Background HTML5 Sound/Video on Android and iOS?

Hashnode is a friendly and inclusive dev community. Come jump on the bandwagon! I doesn't know if it works for mobile, but the plain html5 audio tag has an autoplay attribute. Create Create.

Audio Sprites

Ask Question Start a discussion, ask a question, or ask for an opinion on a particular technology. Firefox Full support 4. WebView Android? Chrome Android?

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  4. Controlling HTML5 Audio on Mobile Devices - Stuff… And Things…?

Opera Android? Safari iOS? Samsung Internet Android? Firefox Full support Firefox Android Full support Chrome No support No. Edge No support No.

HTML5 Audio not working for Android - Server Fault

IE No support No. Opera No support No. Safari No support No. WebView Android No support No. Chrome Android No support No.

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  3. : The Embed Audio element;

Edge Mobile No support No. Opera Android No support No. Safari iOS No support No. Samsung Internet Android No support No. Chrome Full support Edge Full support IE Full support Safari Full support 9. WebView Android Full support Edge Mobile Full support Samsung Internet Android Full support 5. Firefox Full support 4 Full support 4 No support 3. No support No support? For our game a slight sound asynchrony feels better than sounds being truncated and we suspect that this is often true , so we decided to no longer launch sounds on touch events: This made sound effects terminate when complete, also on Android, as we started a sound on the completion callback of the previous one.

Usage notes

But we still had performance problems, as launching several sounds even in a queue impacts the overall browser performance, on both iOS and Android. Our game engine relies on requestAnimationFrame of course , but even having the sound queue on a completely different handler, using a simple setTimeout did not solve the problem.

Swap Out Audio Source

So we had to revert to the old technique of audio sprites. If you know what a CSS sprite or animation sprite is, an audio sprite is the same thing, just with audio. We load a single audio file, and we can load it on the first game touch event, so even older Androids will load it. We keep the sound queue, only it will just determine playing subsequent parts of the same sound file. So problems over? No, not yet. On iOS, if the sound has not been played, it is not seekable. Funny eh? In order to make the sound seekable we have to issue the command:.

Another problem that drove us almost crazy is that with the mp3 audio file, seeking from Android devices suddenly started to give erratic results: Luckily we found this issue which helped us find the fix:. An mp3 file saved at low bitrate which works perfectly on iOS and desktops is not seeked correctly on Android devices. Just saving the file at a higher bitrate solved the problem.

Our audio queue engine supports having multiple queues, so what we do is we load an audio sprite for effects and a different one for background music — the latter is loaded on iOS but not on Android.

Making HTML5 audio actually work on mobile

Having just two does not disrupt browser performance. If you are building a simple web game for latest Android and iOS it may shorten your development times. There are browser-specific improvements on audio in html e. Responsibility for any damage, offence, nuclear war or botanophobia caused directly or indirectly by this post is of course entirely theirs.

Contact the authors: Some references: Firefox on the same system works just fine. Your demo pages have the same issue as my attempts, no audio, and the controls seem to behave oddly. It appears an update to Android: It should fix my problem as well, but wanted to make this update before I have a chance to try. Hi, unfortunately or fortunately: There are few specific conditional on Chrome for Android that probably are not needed anymore You could try checking those points and make some tests.

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  • Controlling HTML5 Audio on Mobile Devices;
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  • It appears it was not an upgrade that fixed, probably just the nice clean restart state. Your tip will possibly help, thanks! Sorry to keep posting replies on this, but hopefully this is useful. The only thing that makes a difference is turning wifi on! Merely turning wifi on will help me. My audio file is very small 48kb total, with 24kbps rate , 8 bit, mono, like 8s long.