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That may be the reason that your phone always warns you there is not enough space. Open Settings app on Android home screen and go to Accounts section. Choose Google account and make sure to uncheck all Sync options. That will stop the picture sync feature. If you just want to erase unwanted auto backup photos, you can go to Photos app.

Select all photos you want to delete and tap on the trash icon to erase them. Go to Google Photos album, you will discover that the deleted photos are still there. You have to delete them again. If you want to clean up all auto backup pictures, you have to go to Settings app. Choose Applications on the menu list and navigate to Application manager.

Back up photos & videos - Android - Google Photos Help

Find out Gallery app, open it and tap on the Clear data or Clear cache button to delete auto backup pictures from your Android phone. If you use Google account on your Android device, it will sync data to cloud as well. So, you have to clean up auto backup data from Google. Otherwise, the auto backup pictures are still there.

To clean up auto backup images from Google account, you need to turn off sync feature on your Android phone first.

Part 2: How to Delete Android Backup from Google

Go to Photos app on Android home screen and open the Settings menu. If you have Gmail app on your Android phone, you can go to the app and clean up the pictures in folder called Photos. Otherwise, you can access Gmail account in mobile browser and delete unwanted photos in Photos folder. Many people worry that Google abuses the auto backup data. It makes sense, when you consider that Android has become the largest mobile operating system around the world and in United States.

For marketing companies and agencies, smartphone data is a huge business. So, you may want to erase auto backup data from Google server, including auto backup photos. Then Android will pop up a confirmation window said stop backing up your Wi-Fi passwords, bookmarks, other settings and app data, plus erase all copies on Google servers? The other sync options are also to be disabled as shown in the figure below. Step 4. In this step access the "Application manager" within the Settings. Step 5. Tap to access the "Gallery" to proceed with the process.

How to Delete Auto Backup Photos on Android Effortlessly

Clear the data and thus the issue will be resolved. This has remove auto backup photos from Android. The external storage is more reliable for many users as compared to the online one.

How to delete Auto Backup Photos from Android Mobile Gallery

It is therefore advised to all the users to disable the auto backup so that the personal data never comes online. The complete process to overcome the issue has been explained as under. Each and every step is again embedded with screenshots so that the implementation becomes easy for the user. It also means that if there is a next time the steps can be implemented with ease and satisfaction. The user therefore should make sure that they are read and understood completely as it will allow them to get over the process as well as the related issue.

The complete steps that are mentioned can be applied to multiple Android devices to get the best results. Irrespective of type, make and model these steps can be applied with ease and satisfaction. First of all the user needs to access the "Settings" to begin the process. Go to Google settings in your phone settings and then go to sync setting, and un-check mentioned options. Also uncheck sync from Picasa. Then delete data for Gallery app by following the method in solution number one.

Tap on gallery and then press the menu button and then press content to display.

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Uncheck content in Picasa. This will disable auto backup in your Samsung tablet or phone. Go to Photos you will see albums.