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Good luck everyone! We're kicking off our week-long Halloween festivities with the addition of Halloween Slots! Take a stab to win lots of Coins with these spooktastic Slots today! Have a look at some of the best Shots of the Match and get inspired! What do you think about our picks? Don't miss the chance to get some extra coins, gold or to win the star of the Golden Wheel - gorgeous and powerful Unicorn cue!

Box of Friendship is here, get in touch with your friends! Don't miss the chance to win Coins, Gold or some amazing Cues! There are so many ways pool tables are! If you could have any of these pool tables, which one would you pick? Sound off in the comments!

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Football Billiard - when the most popular game in the world meets the game we are so passionate about here at Pool Live Tour fan page! Looks fun, don't you think? Have you picked up your bag of Gold from the great Bonus offer? You still have some time left to do so! Have you tried the new Pool Live Tour yet? It has everything we wanted and much more is yet to come!

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What are going to buy with it? Who has won the contest? Griffyn G.

What are you going to spend your Gold at? Dive into the field of cryptanalysis!

Guess the secret number code and win yourself some precious Gold! How are you doing during the Double Tournaments weekend? How many times have you won so far? We want to know! Even the 8-Ball is crazy for these 8-legged friends!

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Today is the International Octopus day and we're celebrating these incredible inky creatures! Wanna see the 8-Ball in his natural environment? This way then! Venom says that size doesn't matter and he proves himself right away! Is there something he can't do? First place goes to Xhevair Xhevi, who wins the Aquamarine Dream cue!

His 'Power of Time' cue will make it to the game in the future! Second place goes to Mladen Jovanovic who wished for the Diamond 8 cue and third place goes to Ajmi Nader who wished for the Ruby cue! Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone who participated! It was very hard to pick the best designs but here we are, the first round of the 'Design your own Cue' contest is over! Who was the lucky one to win the Aquamarine Dream? It was Paul Shanley, congratulations! Thank you all for saying how much you like Aquamarine Dream! Haven't been lucky enough to spin the Aquamarine Dream out of the Golden Wheel?

Well do not despair! Tell us why you should be the one who gets this beautiful cue and we'll give it to ONE of you for free! Two days left to the end of Design your own Cue contest! We've received some very good designs so far, will yours make the cut? Last chance to participate, don't hesitate for too long Welcome to October, official Pizza month!

Yes, pizza-loving people all around the world can eat many kinds of pizza this month! We just can't resist being part of that! Grab a slice and play! Don't miss the chance to get some extra coins, gold or to win the star of the Golden Wheel Aquamarine Dream, the charming descendant of the famous Aquamarine Cue! What do you think of coin-operated pool tables? Are they common in your country? Need those creative juices to start flowing? Here's something from the real world Meet the Intimidator, the one of the most expensive cues ever!

How do you like it? Unleash the creative in you and design a cue! From now till 4th October you've got a very special chance to show us your ideas for cues! Three of the best designers will win a cue of their choice! Not only that, but we will also implement the winning cue in PLT in the future: This is your last chance! Face the sun! Celebrate this special astronomical event called the Autumn Equinox right before the weekend full of What are you going to do on weekend? Play Pool Live Tour?

Until Monday only, you can get twice as many Coins on select Coin packages: Are you in the mood for some friendly gathering?

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We hope you are, because the Box of Friendship is back again! Then he becomes your partner. Golden cups are over What did you buy with all the gold you won? Nothing yet? Oktoberfest starts today! Millions of people stretching from Brazil to Japan enjoy it each year!

Cowboys and cowgirls Have you already hit Golden Slots? Let us know how you're spending the Golden Weekend in comments! Place your bets now!

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Perfect time to get your hands on shiny Gold Worried about entry fee? Continuing to make you happy, today we present the new Shot of the Match video! What do you think about the new style? Let us know in comments! Are you inspired? Thank you all for your participation: Didn't get the cue of your dreams during the Galaxy Mystery Boxes event?

Don't forget to include your ID ;. This is your chance to become the invincible master of galaxy - the time has come to rule the universe with Star Fighter!

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Is this one your favorite of the three? Let us know in the comments below! All this publication's reviews Read full review. User Reviews. Write a Review. Essential Links. By Metascore By user score. Kingdom Rush Vengeance. Game Of Thrones. Alphabear 2. Donut County. Valleys Between. Where Shadows Slumber. Dragalia Lost. Its games connect players around the globe in real time and across multiple platforms. Currently, Geewa serves over 11 million players globally through its games and portals every month.

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